Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's not who you go with, honey. It's who takes you home.

This past weekend was the Law School Prom; and what a prom it was! First of all, my dress was absolutely fabu, if I don't say so myself. It was just perfect, and I was in love with it. Everyone looked so nice, and it was super fun to see everyone just having a good time. I enjoyed myself more this year than last year, I think. It probably has to do with just being more comfortable in my "law school skin" this year than I was last year. Maybe I've just matured a little bit - whatever it was, it worked, and Hubby and I had a really nice time. The only damper to the situation was that I was recovering from a nasty UTI, and the antibiotic that I was taking made me oh-so-nauseous. So unfortch, I had to pass on most of the alcohol. Oh well - at least I was still able to have a prom-rockin' time!

Now it's back to the grind...I am quite pleased to report that next week I'm all done with the torture job of the spring semester! Woo hoo!! I am counting down the days as if Christmas was coming. Besides the obvious about that place, I really just need to free up my time to work on my outlines and my appellate advocacy brief, and all that other good stuff.

In other news, I have some very BIG news (well, big for me anyway) - I have officially pioneered a chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at my school!!!!! I have been working on this with a couple of other students for months now, and all our efforts are finally paying off. I am trying to hold an informational/general interest meeting in April, so of course everything is super hectic - wish me luck!!!!! :-)