Monday, January 29, 2007

I tell people to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Did you ever go through a bad patch that was so bad that you weren't sure you were ever going to come out on the other side of it? I guess that's where I am about now, unfortunately. It's been quite some time, too, since I've seen days this dark and gloomy. It seems like no matter how hard I try, my problems haunt me from the second I wake up in the morning, until the moment I go to bed at night. And I'm tired of feeling this way. I just want it to stop, I want the pain and hurt to stop, and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel - hell, I can't even spot the end of the tunnel, if there ever is one.

I made a red velvet cake yesterday, my favorite. Isn't cake supposed to make everything
better? I don't think it's working just yet.
UPDATE: I'm lying here watching Pup sleep, and I have to say, DOGS RULE.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this.

Sorry for the lack of posting for the last week. I was undergoing, to say the very least, a very stressful moment in my life. I'm trying to move along with my life, however, so here I am again, rejoining blogland. And with a new tale of woe from The Twilight Zone.

Today was the worst day there by far. Unbearable puts it mildly. Apparently, coworker #1 (who we will call CQ), does not like chit chat. Therefore, H and I have been banned to another area of the office where the work conditions are somewhat substandard. What's more, everything I say is wrong. Everything I say is met with some sort of opposition, some comment, SOMETHING. I've come to the conclusion that I will just say nothing at all; but that makes for a really uncomfortable time. And I have to go there a certain number of hours per week, of course. Grrrrrrr......

Thank God for the weekend.......
On a happier note, however........I am anticipating Wendy Boucher's new book!!!! I can't wait to get it, and am even more excited to read it!! :-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I felt a great disturbance in the Force...I fear something terrible has happened.

Sorry, but I had to do it. My hater has continued on his spree of spreading hate on my blog, so I've had to enable comment moderation. I'm sorry if this creates inconvenience/impatience, but I promise I will review all comments left promptly and approve all the love. Comment on.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here where time and space collide

The place I am working at this semester is, to say the very least, an experience. Let's for the sake of discussion here, call it Twilight Zone.

At Twilight Zone there exists the motliest of crews. First of all, everyone is very, very polite. Everyone also speaks to each other in very politically correct tones of voice, and using carefully chosen words. Finally, it's as quiet as a tomb in this place. No radio, no talking, NOTHING. I'm not really feeling like I fit in. While everyone is nice enough, and I enjoy the work that I'm doing, I'm a little concerned that now...the fourth's dimension has crossed.....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me.

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. It appears that someone has decided to start leaving hateful comments on my blog. Hateful and insulting.

Now, I fully understand that a blog is a forum where my opinions are posted out there for all to read. I expect that not everyone will always agree with what I have to say, and I encourage comments to be left on my blog, as evidenced by my comments link, because I enjoy gaining insight in what the rest of the world might think about topics that interest me. That is half the fun of this silly blogging business.

What I do not appreciate, however, is someone leaving derogatory remarks in my comments section. Baseless derogatory remarks, to be exact. That is just not cool. If you are such an asshat that you cannot formulate an intelligent, coherent opinion without the use of obscenities and insults, then I not only pity you, but I will ban you from leaving comments on my blog.

At this time, I have banned the heinous individual that has led me to write this post. If the assault on my blog continues, I will have no choice but to enable comment moderation, which I hesitate to do because I really don't have the time or patience for that, but we'll see what happens.

Sorry to everyone for the ominous post. Now for your regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You've done a lot of solid work here, but it's just not Ivy League, now is it?

Grades have started popping up today....I'm going to go crawl under a rock and die.

Don't be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she's so much more than that.

I got some fan mail today, and I thought it was worthy of writing a post about it. I won't put who it was from, of course, because that would just be so not classy, but here is the body of the email, relating to my Gerald Ford post:

"Just wondering why you complained about the Gerald Ford thing. I mean seriously, it makes you seem really selfish. He was a President."

Well, dear New Reader:
It makes me SEEM really selfish? I AM really selfish, so gosh I hope it comes off that way on this blog; and why did I complain about the Gerald Ford thing? Well I think it's pretty apparent from the post why I was complaining - because I didn't get any mail, and we already have all these holidays dedicated towards honoring everyone and their mother where we already don't get mail, and I couldn't see the point of yet another mail-less day. And yes, I know he was a president - that's what President's Day is for.

I hope that answers your email....come again soon!!!! :-)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here.

It's pretty dick when your winter break isn't over yet, but there is a plethora of reading assignments posted on the school's website. You know, I'm still relaxing. I'm still enjoying my time. Why do I have to do pre-semester schoolwork?? I mean, I guess I could not do it; but that would not be a good way to start off the semester. It's just wrong - because if the assignments aren't there, then there is no guilt; but if they are posted, then I experience guilt when I don't do it.

There should be a rule - no professor should be allowed to post reading assignments for the upcoming semester until grades are posted for the previous semester. Short and simple. If grades were out, I wouldn't feel so bitter about doing schoolwork. Ok fine I would, but I would at least do it and shut up about it. This way, I feel compelled to rant.

Grrr. Whatev, I'm going back to watching MTV. At least for three more days.

I mean, he went from totally geek, to totally chic!

New year, new look - whatdya think??

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.

Today I went to the post office. I drove all the way to where the post office that has parking is, because the other post office is really annoying to park at. I had about fifty packages that needed mailing (Ebay stuff), and I had to buy stamps. I parked, and lugged all my crap out of the car. I walked all the way to the door. No, I didn't notice that I was the only car in the lot. I tried to open the door. But it was closed. CLOSED. CLOSED.

WHY was the post office closed today?? Apparently President Bush declared today a "National Day of Observance." I see. Interesting. Are the postal workers supposed to have attended Gerald Ford's funeral? Nothing else closed besides the post office and financial markets. I went to the bank this morning and that was open. What is the point of closing the post offices?? Why didn't I get any mail today?? Now, don't get me wrong - I love me some Gerald Ford, and was sad to hear of his passing, although I was surprised that the old boy hadn't kicked earlier; but while I watched a little of the funereal proceedings on TV this morning, I would have conducted my "observance" much more happily and effectively had I been able to mail my packages and buy my stamps. After all, isn't it an American thing to do to conduct US POSTAL SERVICE business?? Would Ford have wanted mail delivery to cease merely because he was heading six feet under?? I think not. And really, let's look at the irony here - President Bush orders the postal service be suspended today in observance of Ford's passing. Last week, U.S. deaths in Iraq reached 3,000. That's more people than were killed in 9/11. I don't see Bush holding National Observance days for all those Americans who have given their lives for this pointless and seemingly endless war. I'm not saying that Ford doesn't deserve to be memorialized. I'm saying that I don't think we need to shut post offices when he dies, while our men and women are dying every single day over there for NOTHING, and I don't see Bush making National Days of Observance for that. In fact, he just sends more Americans out there. Bush has claimed that Americans will not have died in vain out there...well, I'm still waiting to see what the point was.